I just bought a Zotak amp Gtx 550 ti card...
About 3 days after installation my pc just turned off while playing ac3....

My psu was an old 450w....
I guess the psu failed and i want to buy a new psu.....

any suggestions as to what i can buy?
and am planning on getting a coolermaster (

is 500w enuf ? and is that psu good ?
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    cooler master silen pro is good but now other units.better buy a xfx pro's more than enough and is reasonably priced-
  2. Rosewill Hive series is pretty good too on a budget. ( this is a 650W unit, as an example )
    Rosewill Hive 650W $79.99 ( before 10% off promocode )

    However the 550W and 650W XFX Pro's are probably your best bet.
  3. @rvilkman,good call but 550ti needs no more than a 500w~.xfx pro is made by seasonic and is enough for his setup.
  4. arjalona said:

    yep,that's what i am talking about :sol:
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