Desktop wont post, No beep, No Video

Hi, I've read several posts over this issue and have tried trouble shooting this myself but to no avail. I turned my PC off Thursday night, left for the weekend and upon coming home monday night I find that my computer wont display any image. No beep, No Post, No Video. So I opened it up and found that the heat sink was slightly loosened from the CPU, but I've seen this before and havent been inside the case in months.
Heres what I have done:
1. Dusted everything inside and jumped the power switch
2.Pulled out the PSU and tested each pin on the 24pin connector with a multimeter VDC. All pins were supplying the correct volts
3. Reseated all the HD, Video Card, Network Card, Ram (reduced it from 4 sticks to 1).
4. Reset the CMOS (battery method)
5. Reseated and Reapplied thermal paste to CPU/Heat Sink.
6. Checked for shorts

I Have no idea what the problem is im positive at this point its between my MOBO, CPU, and GPU but I dont know how to test each one without ordering hundreds of dollars worth of parts offline to swap them out and potentially risk harming the swapped parts.
Using a multimeter is there a way to check the PCI slots on a MOBO to make sure the GPU is receiving signal? Is there specific location I can hook up a multimeter to check the MOBO? What signs would there be if the CPU was shot?

Also, All LEDS and Fans work within the case (even the ones hooked to the MOBO), including the GPU fan. The Network cards LED is lit up. EPU/TPU LED works on the MOBO.

Heres the Specs for my PC:
P8P67 LE B3 revision Asus MOBO
2500K i5 Intel Processor
4x4 Patriot Sector 5 Ram DDR3 1333MHz
Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply
WD Blue WD3200AAJS SY Hard Drive - 320GB
Cooler Master RC-932-KKN5-GP HAF 932 Advance Full Tower Case

Please Help me, Im pulling my hair out worrying about this :(
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  1. Also I would like to add that there are no beeps coming from the MOBO without RAM or Without the CPU.
    Yes the Monitor works and Yes the MOBO has a speaker hooked to it.
    Thank you for any and all help, Its greatly appreciated.
  2. If it was GPU or CPU you would get error codes. Sounds like board is dead to me.. You have CPU Auxiliary power hooked up correct, no pun intended sometimes you look over the dumb stuff. If your not even getting error codes when no ram is in sounds like the mobo is bad or has corrupted bios
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