CPU bottlenecking?

I'm currently gaming on my laptop (Alienware M15x)
i7 720QM 1,6Ghz / 2,8Ghz turbo
8GB 1333Mhz kingston valueram
Amd radeon mobility 6990

I'm having some low framerates on some games which i didn't expect such low FPS, such as WoW and Aion..
Is my CPU bottlenecking my 6990m, or is the 6990m just not capable of playing games as WoW on Ultra? :S
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  1. yes you cpu is bottlenecking.

    games such as wow are very cpu demanding in some situations.

    try disabling hyperthreading on your cpu as well as lowering some cpu intensive settings.
  2. Interesting that they paired those, I smell a bottleneck as well.
  3. They didn't pair those :P.. i manually build in the 6990M as upgrade from the 5850..

    And how can i disable hyperthreading, and what do u mean with lowering some cpu intensive settings? .. this Alienware BIOS doesn't have a lot of options :P
  4. if there is no way to do it in bios then there no point.

    Generally without hyperthreading, the cpu will have more thermal to hit the turbo as well as give slightly better frame rates in some games. Not much difference really.

    There should be options in game that are more cpu dependent than gpu. I don't know much about wow tho.
  5. what settings normaly require more CPU?
    and what is the thermal limit for Turbo boost.. because my cpu gets 65/70 C max under load.. i somehow have the feeling that my turbo boost driver doesnt work properly, because it didnt install properly... while HWinfo shows that it does reach 2.8Ghz some times..

    Might there be a problem with my Turbo Boost driver? Because on a previous install (i re-install windows every 6 months) the clockspeed looked like it was 2.8Ghz constanly and it had some drops.. But now it seems it has 1.6Ghz with sometimes increasement to 2.8Ghz....
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    the turbo boost kicks in when the cpu isn't drawing too much power and its not too hot. generally 2 cores are clocked down and the other 2 up.

    your laptop might have gotten warmer from dust and have less times where it would turbo.

    I have no idea on the settings in WOW since I don't play it but there might be something on the wow forums to help you.
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