Is My GPU Dead?

I have had this (gtx560ti) 31 days (yes 1 day past the return policy of NEWEGG) :(

I got this when I tried turning my computer on this morning, and it will NOT boot to safemode or windows.

I have installed my old 8800GTS and it loads up fine. Either my GPU is Dead or something else is wrong with it?

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  1. BTW I cannot seem to boot into SafeMode

    I tried F6 and F8 but I cant get it at the right time :(

    I installed both my 8800GTS and 560ti and removed the Drivers for the 560 then reinstalled older ones and it still did this green line stuff
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    But the warranty is still valid, right? You can send it to get a replacement (RMA), you only play the shipment if I'm not wrong...
  3. Yea ill call MSI tomorrow, but I will NOT pay the shipping if their crap sucks
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