Which PSU should be used with a 6850?

Hi all

I am planning to upgrade my old 3870x2 with a 6850.

I just wanted to ask, will i need to upgrade my psu - im aware the 3870x2 is very power hungry and the 6850 is quite power efficient.

So question is would i be ok with keeping the same psu ?


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  1. If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.

  2. Logically, if your PSU can run 3870x2 just fine then you'll be okay running a single HD6850. But again, we need more info here just to be sure, tell us your FULL specs, first.
    CPU? RAM? board? PSU? Monitor? Budget?
  3. Took the logical route and fitted the 6850 today....

    Very pleased , been on it all afternoon/evening.

    PSU seems to handle it pretty well no crashes or anything.

    i was surprised by the performance gains - I have a stock 2.4ghz q6600 with 4gb ddr2ram.

    with the 3870x2 battlefield 3 was getting 25-30 on medium settings.

    with the 6850 I can play on ultra at 1080p (deferred anti aliasing off) and it never drops below 40 fps averages about 50 fps

    I was surprised because so many forums had said my q6600 would severely bottleneck a 6850 :/
  4. I think it do bottlenecking your 6850. I'm pretty sure if you OC it a little bit (let say 3.0GHz or above) you'll get better fps (maybe 60+). Try it out. :)
  5. What powersupply do you have?

    I have Antec truepower trio 650w power supply
    and GA-EP35-DS3
    ATI Radeon HD3870x2

    Also thinking of doing the same upgrade but unsure if it will be compatible with my system
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