Can you install Vista from within Windows 7?

So I am not really a fan of Windows 7, however I am in college as a CIS major and through my university they are offering Windows 7 Professional 64-bit completely free to me (Among other software). So I object to paying money for W7 since I paid for Vista not so long ago, but not so much for free though. The only thing is, through a technicallity I am not 100% sure I'm allowed to be using it even though it allowed me the download (Our university uses MSDN Academic Alliance software if anyone is familiar with) and one term says if they determine I shouldn't have it or something of the such they can make me delete it. I read the fine print, states I need to be in a CIS course each semester which I am currently not but I am a major and was informed of this info by someone at my university who made no mention at all of this - but I dunno if this is something they'd really enforce or if being a CIS major clears me anyway.

So hence my question here - I am using Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit currently and I bought a retail copy so I'm completely legit on using it. My question, if I have to revert back to Vista - can I stick the Vista disc in and tell it to upgrade to Vista from within Windows 7 or is that upgrade option not backward compatible? I'm trying to cover my bases before I install it so I don't have to format if for some reason I have to remove it. Would appreciate this help as I haven't really looked into anything like this before now.
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  1. No, you can't "upgrade" (really downgrade is the correct term) from Windows 7 to Windows Vista by using the Vista installation media. It will have to be a complete reinstall.

    You're best bet, if you have the space, is to create a different partition and dual boot. Then, using Easy Windows Transfer, you can migrate your Vista profile over to Windows 7. This way, you can determine if it's what you want or not. If you don't like it, delete the partition with Windows 7 and you still have Vista. You'll just have to backup your user profile data from Windows 7 to put it back into Windows Vista. It's not as easy to do going that way. In fact, I believe you'll have to do it manually. You won't be able to use Windows Transfer to do it going from Windows 7 to Windows Vista.
  2. +1, the only way to do the downgrade is boot from the DVD and install with a clean installation of Vista.
  3. Ah, I was afraid of that. I guess I'll contact my school technology admin and ensure I have the proper ability to install it. It's not an issue of if I like it - If I install it I won't take it off unless forced. I just make myself get used to the changes and whatnot. Thanks for the info!
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