My laptop wont shut down when i press the shut down utton on start.

I have a Packard bell windows 8 laptop but when I press shut down it wont no matter how may ties I press it so to shut down I have to close the lid. I have not dropped it or spilled anything any suggestions? thanks
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  1. I'm not sure i got your problem right, but maybe this helps:
  2. run control panel, search for power and bring up the UI for the power management, find the options for what the computer should do when you press the button and make sure it is set correctly. you are looking for the advanced settings for the power buttons and lid. power button action: make sure the shutdown option is selected if that is what you want it to do
  3. Charms, Search, type in "power", choose settings, choose "Change what power buttons do", deselect "Turn on fast startup". Worked for me on a desktop - likely a minor bug which they'll fix in due course.
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