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I'm putting together a new system and have been able to answer most of my questions just going through the archive of articles here. I'm currently (subject to change) thinking of an i5-2500k with a Gigabyte Ga-Z68AP-D3 mobo. The board is rated at a 95W max. The chip is rated at 95W as well; not much leeway. I'm not planning on over-clocking right away, but I may want to down the road.
Question 1 - Will normal operation be a problem? What about over-clocking?
Also the board specs recommends “for expandability” a 500W psu minimum. I believe “for expandability” is referring to graphics cards. I'm getting the 2500k because it has HD graphics built in and I won't have to get a separate graphics card right away. If I do, the card I like will only be pulling 85W max. I currently have a 450W that I am planning on using. I have added the power consumption up in my machine and I can't see me going over 450W without using two high consumption graphics cards in Crossfire mode, which I have no interest in doing.
Question 2 – Will a 450W psu be enough since I have no graphics card? Or is there some new technology that I am unaware of that is sucking down 300W of power?http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/ouch.gif
Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you're using integrated graphics, then a good quality 300W PSU would be more than enough for your rig even with some CPU overclocking. A good quality 450W PSU would support the addition of an HD6850 without overclocking. What is the make/model of your PSU?
  2. It's funny that you mention it because I don't see a name on it anywhere.
  3. There should be a sticker on one of the sides that lists capacity for each of the voltage rails (3.3V, 5V, and 12V) as well as a model number. You may have to remove both side panels to get a look at it....or remove the PSU (4 screws and disconnecting all the power cords). If you have to remove the PSU, then unplug the PSU and let it sit for 5 mins so residual power will be out of the PSUs capacitors....safety for you and your PC.
  4. Its very simple, if you wownt OC, and you dont need GPU. 450 qality GPU will be just fine for you! Thats the good for new technology Sandy-bridge. Less power consumption, more stability, more power cpu.

    It will be just great!

    Q1: If you wownt OC, yes. If you will OC, try a 500Watt Termaltake, or Powercooler, Coolermaster, etc 80+ at least.
    Q2: just catch a 450Watt psu.
  5. einterlan said:

    Q1: If you wownt OC, yes. If you will OC, try a 500Watt Termaltake, or Powercooler, Coolermaster, etc 80+ at least.
    Q2: just catch a 450Watt psu.

    I would not list Thermaltake, Powercooler or Coolermaster as my recommended PSU mfrs. While Thermaltake and Coolermaster have some quality PSUs, they make some low-bad quality PSUs. A perfect example is Coolermaster Extreme Power 500W...a rebadged 400W PSU unable to provide the rated power. A short list of quality PSU mfrs: Antec, Seasonic, and Corsair. Whichever mfr is chosen, some research and reading reviews on the specific PSU being considered is always recommended.

    Edit: Adding review for Coolermaster PSU I referenced: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/728
  6. I took the psu out and there isn't a name anywhere. There is a sticker with the volts, watts, and amps (and one showing it passed QA :D ) The model is listed as "450W" but no brand. I've had Antec's in the past and only had one problem (after 12 years and many mobo/cpu combos). I'll probably stick with the "mystery brand" psu I have for now, and may even keep my case. I have an old ATX case without mesh or multiple fans. It just has a few holes in an X pattern on the sides and one small fan blowing out the back. I was originally looking at going with an AMD cpu but noticed how many watts they pull and was concerned with power consumption and heat. I think without OCing the 2500, no graphics card, and going with an ATX rather than a mATX, I should be ok on both the heat and power. Down the road when I want to add a graphics card, I'll probably get a quality psu (650W) and case with more airflow. Thanks for all the replies!
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