Computer loses BIOS settings after cold boot

Hey guys,

got an annoying issue,
Have an ASUS P8P67 (REV 3.1) and a 750 Antec TruPower PSU
Everytime i turn my PC on, after a cold boot (i.e last night's shut down)

80% of the time, it wont turn on, until i reset the PSU swich from the back (power on/off)
20% of the time , it will turn on, but I have to adjust my BIOS settings

> I dont think it's battery, because I would have lost time/date in Windows, and BIOS
> I dont think it's PSU, because, besides that, my PC runs fine

What are your suggestions?
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  1. I had a PSU that would not like to do any cold starts It needed to unplugged and discharged before it could start again. The standby power drifted below minimum and the motherboard could not start anymore until reset. Try it with another power supply.
  2. check the voltage out the gray wire on the 24 pin atx cable. if it below 5v when you try and post the mb wont post.
  3. Ok good call guys,
    potentially could be the standby power of the bloody PSU discharging!
    How can i prove this for warranty claims?

    smorizio, How can I check the voltage? with what?
  4. On eBay, they sell power supply testers for $5-$11.
  5. see if you can ask a friend for a volt meter. all you need it to do is read dc volts. the output of the gray wire has to be 5v dc or the pc wont turn on.
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