What kind of video card is this?

Look at this card. There are no model numbers on it for me to identify, and I do not want to hook it up to determine the model.

What kind of video card is this?

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  1. Looks like my old 5750 ill go take a photo: (It is in my brothers PC)

    IMO it is too long to be a 5750 but it looks close, 5770 maybe?
  2. I've been in your situation, the cover said NVIDIA but the chip sait ATI. Your card it seem use the PCIeX interface (not sure if it's the 1.0 version or the 2.0 version).
    Try the simple way to find the GPU chipset. Open the HSF, and then look into the GPU chip. You should be able to know it what kind of Video Card chipset that you holding. If you want to know which manufacture brand that produce the Video Card, then it's hard to say i'm sorry, i can't help you. But as long it's run then it's no problem.
  3. run gpu-z.
  4. What sort of external video outs does it have? Does it have a crossfire connector? Or 2? External power plug? Or two?
  5. It has two 6 pin external power connectors, 2 crossfire connectors, 2 DVI outs and a video out. But aren't these features of most newer ATI cards? My 4890 had the same, and I know the 5000 series cards mostly do as well. I have not seen this card offered by any online retailers. The person I bought it from told me it was a 5900 series card ( I know this is not true, I got it for 70 bucks) and when he showed me it on the computer I discovered he had drivers for a 4800 card installed. I am just curious, later on I will hook it up to my new build to see, but I was wondering if any of you were more familiar with the many manufacturers of ATI cards.
  6. Hm - all catalyst drivers are the same (so the drivers would be identical if it's a AMD card, no matter what).

    I would say it's probably a 4870-4890. Outside chance of a 5830. Here's why:

    Two 6 pin connectors mean it's not a 5770 or lower in the 5XXX class. Anything less than a 5830 needs only one 6 pin. (And similarly in the 6XXX series, has to be 6850 or higher).

    Two crossfire connectors means it's designed to support tri-fire. Has to be at the top end of 4XXX range or higher.

    Almost every 58XX, 68XX, 69XX (59XX are dual GPU, which that is not) has at least one displayport out (or mini-displayport). Since you didn't mention that, it's certainly not in the 68XX or 69XX families...or the 5870 or 5850 series.

    So that leaves the 48XX and the 5830. My best bet is for 4870.
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