Motherboard failure ?


I bought this bundle:

after many hours of struggling putting it together I finally managed to boot it up.
Only there is no BIOS splash and the video card doesn't show a signal.
I've tried in vain with the other on on the board and still the same problem.

Now strange thing is the case I got has no internal speaker.... Blame me for going elcheapo on it.

I've used old bits from my old computer to compliment the rest of the bundle while I save for new stuff.
Now I've had to rebuild my old PC which all the parts are working fine in.

Is the motherboard dead?
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  1. forgot to add details:

    Using a OCZ 550 PSU, works fine on my old dell system.
    HDD salvaged from the old Dell as well as a ATI XFX 5770 GFX card
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