Budget system for running swtor.

My wife's almost 3 year old Dell laptop has (obviously) a lot of issues running SWTOR, and I will be buying a new laptop for my self pretty soon, albeit still on a very tight budget of around 500 bucks. My roommate's computer, another cheap-o from Best Buy for around 400, runs it pretty smoothly. What would be the best bargain upgrade that I could find?

Keep in mind that I'm not a big graphics nerd, I only need the frame-rate to be tolerable, and all the graphics options can be set to the very minimum. That's how I run it now, and, since I'm so patient, I have made it to level 10....just barely.
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  1. Something with the A-Series AMD chips would be a good place to start. They start at about $500, though.


    This Acer may be the ticket if you're willing to pull the trigger now:
  2. Better yet, get this one:

    Stronger GPU. It's a referb, but I've never had an issue with Newegg's referb stuff. Can't beat the price, though.

    I like this site to compare GPU performance.
  3. Hi, I think you are looking for laptops.

    USe this benchmark to find the video you need for the framerate/quality you want. (I want 30 fps or greater). http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/star-wars-gaming-tests-review,3087-4.html

    Use the table on the last page of this article http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/fastest-graphics-card-radeon-geforce,3085-7.html to compare the MOBILE graphics you are getting to the cards in the review above. Fro example, lets suppose you wanted video in a laptop comparable to a GT420. That would be AMD: Mobility: HD 3870, HD 5730, HD 5650, 6500M (DDR3) or NVIDIA: (mobile): GTX 260M (96), GTS 150M, GTS 360M (DDR3). As a reference, the notebook above has '6650M' graphics, you can see from teh table it is comparable/slightly (1 tier) better than a desktop GT420. So you can plan to get teh same framerates from the 6650M as shown in the review for the GT420.
  4. Ok...I was thinking of going the refurb route...that Asus looks pretty good. Appreciate the help!
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