Should I upgrade my ram?

Hey guys, I'm about to oc my FX 8350 and was wondering if I needed to upgrade my ram. I have loved the HyperX Blu and wasnt sure if they were where I needed to be for gaming and high responsiveness. Thanks for the feedback! I haven't used any memory tests or anything and my RAM scores 8.0 on Windows 8 experience index.
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  1. How many gigs of ram do you have?
  2. What all do you do with your rig, if basic computing and gaming 2x4GB (8GB total) should be good, with your CPU 1866 is basically max freq so either that or maybe down to 1600 - look for 1866/ sets w/ CL9 or 10 or 1600 CL8 or 9 - with either will want 1.5 voltage, don't get sucked into sticks with 1.6 or 1.65 voltage at that low of a freq. I'd suggest looking at the GSkill Snipers (1.5) or the Ripjaws X sets
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