Does the Dell dxp061 motherboard have an Am2 socket?

I have an old dell dxp 061 motherboard and i am looking for a new processor. I just need to know if my motherboard has an Am2 socket because this processor i am looking at has one. If it doesn't what processor would you reccomend ifor me?
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  1. I would look for a used core 2 duo at 1066 fsb such as the e6700; a quad core such as the q6600 or q6700 might work. Check your board carefully; amd boards don't have the pins in the socket area and are white; Intel sockets have the pins on the board and the socket area is black. If your board is Intel, it has the 965 chipset. It probably won't run the newer 1333 .045 wolfdale cpus, such as the e8400. I would also test the board with a low end pentium or celeron 775 first before spending too much on a cpu.
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