Need a budget 1155 board

Under 120 would be preferred. I would like to do modest to moderate overclocking if possible. I have no idea about brands or models, aside from wanting z75/z77 chipset. Most get 4/5 stars(or eggs) with many users disgruntled about RMA ruining scores, so it is hard to tell what to get. I may crossfire in the future, but it is fairly unlikely. This is the build I have so far:

Thanks for your time.
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  2. Thank you for the suggestion; I will get that motherboard. I just added the power supply at the end because I couldn't find the one I planned on. I planned on getting an Ultra OEM 700 Watt off of TigerDirect. Also, I don't think 500 Watts is nearly enough, as the 7870 Tahiti eats a lot of power and I plan on overclocking some. I could very well be mistaken though!
  3. It's enough, what counts is the amps of the psu, the cx has for a 7950 or even 7970, don't go with generic psus just because it has more watts and it's cheaper.
    Get a decent one within 500-600w, like the corsair cx500.
  4. Alright, thank you for all your expertise. What would you say about this? I am trying to keep the cost down, and this thing is a steal for what appears to be a solid PSU:
  5. Yes, that one is a good psu, it's a seasonic oem psu, it's a good choice.
  6. The Antec one is a Seasonic OEM?
  7. Antec one ? that's a pc case, the antec neo 620 has good internal components that were made by a quality psu make, which is seasonic.
  8. Ah, thank you for all your help. You have been priceless.
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