New GPU doesn't offer native resolution???

Alright I'm in the process of installing two toxic 6950's in crossfire. First card was a breeze, even dual biosed to the almost 6970 specs with the flip of a switch and nothing more.

Installed the second card and I can't get it to go above 1920x1200 resolution (native is 2560x1600).

Please help. I just want to run them in crossfire and give BF3 a try finally...

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  1. Delete drivers, install both cards reinstall drivers and you should be able to setup crossfire.
  2. I have both card running well now, both are seen in gpu-z, but I cannot find anything about crossfire in ccc.
  3. You installed the drivers after you had both cards in?
  4. Just did that in case. Dropped both drivers, resolution went way down. Restarted and loaded drivers again upon reboot. Back to 2560x1600 native again, but I can't find crossfire anywhere to check(enable) it.
  5. I realize this is a stupid question, and I mean no disrespect by asking, but do you have the crossfire bridges on the cards? If so, in catalyst control center, the crossfirex is in the performance section if you couldn't locate that.
  6. I'll try taking the bridge off and putting it back on just in case it's not all the way on or something, but it seems hard to mess that part up. I guess I do have a second bridge as I purchased two cards, so perhaps I'll try that other bridge just to eliminate that as a potential problem too.
  7. Now that I have the two cards installed, EVGA is telling me my motherboard doesn't support crossfire. I have tech support conversations documented on their site where they told me in three different places (four different times actually) that crossfire worked on my specific board. I have been trying to get some resolution from them for an entire week now with no luck. I keep getting the run around while I sit here with $600 in gpu's that won't run in crossfire on my board even though they said they would. Last I heard, tech support told me the ticket was closed because a manager had called me and closed the ticket. I told them I received no call from them, had no message on my phone and had no missed call from anyone I didn't know and they have reopened the case and are going to try to get me a phone call again. Bad tech support from a company that is known for good tech support and I sit here with a lan party hosted at my house on the 19th with possibly no gpu for my pc...
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