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i recently purchased a few games for my pc, now i can play them for short periods of time before they cut off on me. i downloaded this program to see whats going on, and it says its my graphic card that is coming up short. i have the ati radeon hd 3200 that came with my gateway when i purchased it. tts been awesome up till now with the newer games, im wondering what graphic card can i use with my pc.
what type of graphic card can i get with this pc? any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a
AMD Phenom X4 915e
processor: 9150e quad-core processor ( 4 cpus, ~1.8Ghz
memory: 4.00 gb
Direct X 11
Windows Vista home prem.
service pack 2
64-bit Operating system

my graphic card is the
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
size:256 Mbytes
Bus Width 32 bits

is that enough information?
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  1. Well the Radeon 3200 is very weak for today and for when it came out. I believe that it is also an IGP not sure but you're going to need a better GPU for gaming.
  2. thing im worried about is what can my system handle? Im looking at a few newer graphic cards just thing is, if my system cant handle them i'd be buying a whole new system and i dont want to do that, my pc is good for now. i dont lag at games, just need a newer graphic card . and how can i tell if i have a pci express. i have a pci slot but not sure about the pci express? been reading it needs to be compatible with the motherboard too. soo much into this.
  3. Get the CPUID
    It will tell everything about your system !
  4. Wow, that's a long post, really, you don't need to post like that, you can use CPU-Z:

    Install that and tell us ALL of your components there... :)

    Mod, please modify this thread...
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