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usb issue Sabertooth 990FX

February 13, 2013 2:17:30 AM

My system:
Sabertooth 990FX
G-Skill ripjaw series Ram
IBM/Lenovo Keyboard
Logitech G700 mouse

Dual booted Windows 7 / Centos 6.3 using grub as the bootloader. System has been running no problems for at least 9 months.

I spent yesterday playing Civ V and after the session I noticed my computer was running slow. I rebooted and found that I was unable to select the windows boot partition. (in grub you can choose what partition to boot by using the arrow keys) The keyboard was non responsive.

I rebooted into the bios and everything looked ok. I took notice of the bios version and the other settings and used F5 for optimized defaults. rebooted and again I had no keyboard controll.

I checked for a new bios version on the ASUS website and noticed I was a couple versions down, so I upgraded. After several rounds the CPU LED not clearing and clearing the CMOS (including taking out the battery and letting the system sit with the reset pins shorted) I was back to being able to boot but still no keyboard control.

When it gets to grub, since the KB is not usable it timeouts to Centos. When that happens I am getting a CPU not available error (Centos was working yesterday). By playing with the arrow and numlock keys I am sometimes able to get a keyboard response and was able to boot into windows (Which was working fine as far as I could tell.) but when I reboot, I have the unresponsive keyboard again.