External grafics card for HP 530 notebook

I have an Hp 530 business notebook with Intel core 2 duo and windows xp 32 bit system. I was wondering if it is possible to get an external grafics for this laptop to enhance the gaming experience?
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  1. External solutions are currently few and expensive so replacing the laptop with one with a better GPU is more cost effective.
  2. +1 to rolli, but if you have your reasons to not buy a new laptop, the only solution is a diy setup since you would have to use mpcie. Psu (50), graphics card (150), adapter (90) you're looking at $290, maybe $50 less if you get a cheaper gpu. You will need an external monitor to hook up to and expect only 25% of the actual graphical performance out of the graphics card because of the bandwidth bottleneck from mpcie which is a x1 pcie. You will also lose wireless because you have to unplug your wireless card which is currently in the mpcie. And forget mobility, psus are pretty big.
  3. Thank you. I think i´m better off getting a new laptop for gaming. Again, Thank you.
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