So me and my dad are going to build a computer for me. I plan on using an amd fx x6 or a phenom x4, havnt decided yet, but both are the same socket so that shouldn't matter anyway. The plan is to make the computer good enough so that when i eventually buy a GPU with my own money i can play modern games on it. So i need a reliable motherboard with 16gigs maximum ram at least and integrated graphics. I need the integrated graphics so that i can use the computer before i buy the GPU. I cant seem to find amd mobos in my price range (<150) that have integrated graphics other than the few $55ish ones that dont have enough expansions for my liking. thanks for the help :)
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  1. Unless there are some exceptions I am unaware of all mobos come with integrated graphic cards

    Asus, asrock and gigabyte are all good brands as far as I know, but other people can let you know more on that since Im not familiar with brands.
  2. thanks, ill look into that.
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