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Just bought a new computer I start plugging all the cords in and when I turn the pc on the monitor says no VGA or DVI then it turns off to safe mode. Do I need a newer cord for the monitor to recognize the pc or do I need to get a completely new monitor?
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  1. Need some more info.
    How is the monitor connected, VGA, DVI, or HDMI?
    Is it plugged into a graphics card or the motherboard?
    Also, please list the computer brand and model and monitor brand and model
  2. And what gfx card you have, my 6950's will only work on vga from one output for example, plug into the other and nothing, but as am2a said, we need to know what your playing with
  3. i have a gigabyte ga-965p-ds3 desk top with a e-GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card my montior wont recnize it at all monitor is a 18.5'' acer dont know model # tho i have a i have a DVI to VGA conector for ot it worked before and all of a suddent it wont now HELP PLEZZ!!!!!!
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