Would getting a netgear switch help my internet speeds?

so we just bought a new netgear n600 wireless router for our house and i got some problems and questions. why does our internet randomly drop or just become extremely slow only when using the router (could it be the modem itself?). my dad bought a netgear switch before the router thinking it was a router but the switch did not have problems with dropping or slowing down it just would not let more than 2 computers connect to the internet at a time so we returned it. could i combine these 2 to get fast reliable speeds but also utilize the routers wireless
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  1. Well if the internet your home is receiving is reliable (We know this because the switch you had worked great) then we know its either the router or the the wireless card in whatever device you are using. My initial thought was you guys have a bum router, how many computers have you tried on your wireless network and have they all had the same issues? Have you updated the firmware in the router? Have you updated you wireless cards drivers? Do you still lose connection intermittently when you are hardwired to the router?
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