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What have i blowen? 4 pin fan controller? or?

I recently installed an Arctic Accelero 2, onto my GTX 560 TI. i plugged the 3 pin into the GPU and booted at no avail nothing fans did not start so i grabbed the molex fan adapter it came with and plugged the 4 pin into the adapter. so i have the 3 pin into the GPU and 2 pins into the 4 pin connector. ( the adapter puts 2 pins into the 3 pin and 2 into the 4 pin ) when i booted up my GPU sent a flare out the side and i shat myself as it was brand new, but fans started no graphical problem all good.

i was wondering what have i blown and if possible what could i get to control the fans speeds of this GPU cooler as i believe its the only thing making noise.
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    Sound like you blew the fan circuitry on the GPU with the fan controls! You are now pulling power directly from the PSU with out a manual controller in between it is going full speed.
  2. okay thats exactly what i expected, is there a fan controller i can purchase that i can plug the fans into to control then because they are the loudest part of my computer.
  3. Regular case fan controller would do that but it is manual and you would have to monitor temps.
  4. so my original problem was that the 3 pin on the gpu did not supply the 12V required? and as long as i could supply 12V through the 3 pin connector the 4pin would become redundant int the circuit? i am looking at getting the NZXT sentry LXE? i have an RV01 case with 3 system fans.
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