Did i burn out the cpu

put a new water cooler in and did not have any thing on the cpu for just a minete to see if i had the air blowing out side and it shut off by itself so i reached in to check my cpu and it was hotand now im not getting any video did i burn out my cpu?? and if so is the mobo still ok
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  1. Current Intel® CPUs have built in Thermtrip # at 130c that will shut the processor down. This is on top of board alarms and other settings that would sound or shut the computer down if there was a heating problem. So is it possible that you damaged the processor? Yes but it is hard to do.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Give it a chance to cool off, and put the new cooler on before testing again.
  3. your cpu should have shut itself down before serious damage.

    Make sure you have proper cooling next time. Good chance the cpu still works but theres always a chance of it dying.
  4. its an 8120 amd if so? what about the mobo sabertooth 990fx
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