GT8800 GTS 512MB lag issue after upgrade os to windows 7 64bit

Hi guys,

I need some help in figuring out my problem due to OS upgrade. I been playing DOW2: Retribution under XP Sp3 (32bit) with high setting without any much lag from the graphic except connection lag.

After upgrading the OS to windows 7 Home premium 64bit, I notice my old graphic setting which is high causing huge lag to the game. I was aware that the game use dx9/10 and windows 7 default is 11. My graphic (GT8800GTS 512MB) card only support up to 10 so i assume it should play well under windows 7 directx11 backward compatibility.

My rig spec

CPU: C2D e7200( 2.53ghz stock speed)
RAM: Corsair 2x2GB 800mhz
HDD1: 1TB (windows 7)
HDD2: 320GB(windows xp sp3)
Graphic: Asus GT8800GTS 512MB with latest driver 285.62
Motherboard: AB9 PRO

My rig spec is outdated but i believed it should run the game quite well. Im not sure why the game is very lag under windows 7. Im suspecting maybe either the directx or the transition between 32bit and 64bit? Or maybe the graphic card itself performing poorly under windows 7?

If you guys got some idea what could be the culprit please help me and teach me how to fix it because i rather fix it than upgrading my hardware...(Im broke)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you notice increased HDD activity, 7 is more resource heavy and it might be that the game has to reach into the page file when loading large textures?
  2. Did you mean the graphic 512MB is not enough it took some from the shared memory? Is this a new feature in 7? I just upgraded the os and Im not aware of this. If that is the case how do i fix it? increase the page file size?

    Im monitoring the HDD activity using the resource manager and I didnt found any weird behaviour. But my CPU usage quite high static 90~100%.
  3. No I was referring to system memory since win7 is using more of it and actually tasking your CPU more. The page file is basically additional system memory when you run out of ram it will use the page file which is a lot slower and will create noticeable lag.
  4. If your referring to system memory, i can say it use up to 60% of my ram when the game is loaded. On Idle it shows 1.6gb is used while during game play is around 2.3gb is used.

    I guess its not about my ram then.
  5. Probably not! Have you tried overclocking your CPU to see if it runs smoother?
  6. 4gb is enough for most games in win7. The reason you will see a performance loss is because of dx10. Win xp was dx9 only and it doesn't require as much processing. dx 10 requires more gpu processing due to some new features, but it doesnt really help image quality much. If you right click on the shortcut to your game and select "run in dx9 mode" the game will run better with no real loss in image quality.
  7. @rolli59: I havent try OCing my CPU yet but im gonna try it later.

    @iam2thecrow: That make some sense, I didnt know i could choose which directx I want to use. Will try that on the game later after back from work and see what happens. Will update if it still causing lag or not. Thanks for the info =D.
  8. iam2thecrowe probably hit the nail on the head there.
  9. It works. Thanks alot. Case solved
  10. Try disabling windows Aero because that's the difference between Dx 9 and 10
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