I need more connectors

I have 2 fans in my case that are powered by 2 molex connections. However, I want to get another gpu for sli and if I do I will use all my molex connectors for the two gpu since I only have two pci-express connectors.

Are there maybe adapters I can use to get power to the case fans?
I have 2x sata connectors I know I will never use and 2x Floppy I will not use.
I also have two extra fan headers on my motherboard, but they are tiny 3 pin connectors and are not the molex connectors I need for the fans.

Btw, my psu is the OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W and is Modular.
PSU Link:

Update: My PSU already is SLI ready. THe GPUs I am trying to power are both GTX 460s with 768 MB each.
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  1. Most likely you'll need a new PSU that supports SLI/Crossfire.
    THE OCZ that you have is an excellent unit but not really made for multiple gpu's since it has two 12v rails that each only support about 20a. Since one rail is used to power the cpu that leaves your gpu with about 20a / 144w limit.

    Since you dont say which gpu's you want to use I cant look up the power requirements for you so you'll have to check it yourself.
  2. My PSU already is SLI ready. THe GPUs I am trying to power are both GTX 460s with 768 MB each.
  3. If each of your cards requires 2 x 6/8 pin connectors, you may want to look into a different PSU w/4 cables. If your OCZ only came with 2 PCIe pwr connectors, it may not be designed for SLI at that power draw.
  4. it made sli for a 6 pins and a 8 pins coneector will not support 2 graphic card you need 4 pci conector for real sli mode
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    In theory, a 700w psu should be ok for sli GTX460.
    However, most such units will have the needed 4 6pin pcie connectors if the psu is capable of delivering sufficient power to drive all 4.

    Your psu may advertise sli capable, but that is only good for cards that require only one pcie 6 pin connector.

    Still, it is worth a try.

    You could free up your two molex leads by using an adapter to convert the fan's 4 pin molex connector into a 3 pin cpu header connector.
    One like this:

    Or, your psu molex leads will have more than one 4 pin molex adapter on the string.
    I see little wrong with having both the gpu 6 pin adapter and a fan adapter on the same lead. A fan takes very little power.
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