HD 6850 Toxic OC and PSU (500w) only got one PCIe 6-pin cable?


I bought a coolermaster PSU 500w, that has only one 6-pin cable... I learnt that Sapphire HD 6850 Toxic OC has to be connected to two power cables...

The PSU wasn't cheap, so I don't want to buy an another one... I thought that all HD 6850's got only one cable.

I asked one of the vendors, he said that the card has a "converter" and I would be able to operate it.

Will I be able to operate it? what about that "converter"?
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  1. It is an adapter to connect to a molex (peripheral) from your PSU to the second connection on the card. CM PSU's are not the greatest especially the real and extreme power series.
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