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I am sort of new to building computers, but I just finished my first build and my stock heatsink is LOUD, and not very efficient. I wanted to by a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, and I want to scrap the included fan. Then buy 2 scythe slipstreams, I dont want them running at 100% all the time is there a way I can have them both being controlled by the cpu fan controller built into the motherboard. Instead of manually controlling them with a fan controller?
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  1. Plug them into the CPU cooler plug on the MB and get a splitter if needed. If the fans are only molex, there are adapters available.

    *edit* Also, the stock white paste is crap, get some good arctic silver or something. Make sure you get it in the cracks on the mounting plate. It's not completely smooth. I use a 212 on my Phenom II.
  2. Alright thanks can I get this all on newegg?
  3. You sure can.
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