DO i have to replace the motherboard if the hard drive connectors doesnt work?

Do i need to actually replace the whole motherboard if the computer isnt recognizing the hard drive? I dont want to pay Dell any more money
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  1. First make sure the HD works fine, then there are more than one the HD connectors in the MB. Try the other one, If you try both (HD is fine and using other port ), the PC still isn't recognizing the hard drive then the MB is gone.

    And if the MB is broken, then 1) you need buy the new MB from Dell. 2) Buy the new PC.
  2. you should try that hard drive in another computer to make sure you dont have a faulty hard drive before replacing the motherboard
  3. I had brought it to Dell to replace the hard drive for me with a new one and they are saying it wont recognize it so I have to cough up another$199 to fix the motherboard. If they claim that the original amount I sent covers all parts and components, should they cover the hard drive components that are on the motherboard?
  4. Can you give more details?

    I want to make sure that the 1st HD is broken, then you had bought other one from dell. Then do you or someone else install the HD into your PC? Do you have the limited hardware warranty from Dell?

    When you get the new HD, you need go to the computer management>Disk management> format the new HD to let the PC recognize the new HD. Do you or someone else do that?

    Check the link for How to. keep in mind C: is your OS disk, new HDD is like DISK1 or DISK2.
  5. Well they only tested the motherboard itself, well at least I think they tested it to tell me to cough up more money. I didnt send the hard drive in with the laptop, I wanted to put in a new one. The second HDD area I know isnt working because I tried connecting the hard drive to that one and the plastic part got loose and fell off and the long metal parts coming out that attached to the plastic is a little bent. Would they be able to replace the the second hard drive with another plastic component that connects to the second hdd connector or repair the first one without having to replace the whole motherboard. I honestly just feel like they just want me to pay the extra money since they told me before that ineeded to replace the motherboard and the screen when i had a warranty, yet the screen actually powers on and I can run a system diagnosis and it just says the hard drive isnt installed. I did try to install it myself and it would just keep restarting or say disk error, so if that pops up could that mean the the hard drive components on the laptop do work?
  6. When you send the laptop in for repairing, each time they say need to change some part you are better to ask get the diagnosis result or picture/screen shot something like that. Just like when you go to garage to repare the car, you are better to see what they repaired and the old part.

    For the 2nd HD, if the plastic part got loose when it came in you can ask they to replace it because it is DOA (Date of Arrival).
  7. Ok, Im going to tell them to replace the hard drive to the second Hard drive connector and also repair that second hard drive connection and see what they say and if they will finish repairing it without claiming that I still need to replace the motherboard. Thanks!
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