Will a GTX 560 Ti fit in on my motherboard?


I am looking to upgrade my GPU from my worthless Gigabyte 9400GT to something modern and semi-future proof (won't be obsolete within the year in terms of playing games on high at stable frames).

I want to run with this GPU games on high/max settings with titles ranging SW:TOR, BF3, Skyrim, Civ V, etc.

My monitor's resolution is 1680x1050

My current mobo is a MS-7525 (Boston): (link to pitcure)

I was going to get a Palit GTX 560 Ti Sonic for $315, because at 8.1' long I think it will fit easily (reason for the high price is because I cannot find one in Australia so I will have to ship from Great Britain)

or am I safe to go for longer cards like the Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SOC at 9.5' long for $300, or even a Radeon 6950 for the same price?
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  1. It will fit your board the question is your case, you can find out using a tape measure. Looking at the CPU specs though I believe those cards will be a little much for the CPU and you would need a new PSU as well.
  2. My case has more than 14' from the rear output of the Graphics Card to the end of the case.

    I am worried that the overhang of the Graphics Card past the mobo base and into free space in the case might be an issue.

    Also on my mobo there is a cable running from either the orange or cream coloured socket to the right of the picture I linked. It looks like any Graphics Card that goes over it will touch it.
    Will that impact the Graphics Card in any way?

    I know my CPU and RAM are outdated and will bottleneck almost any card I get, which is why I want a future proof GPU so that when I make a new build next year, I won't have to get a new GPU (and perhaps SLI later on).

    As for my PSU, I'm not sure what you mean. When I bought it I though I was getting a good one with a 500W sustained output.

    I though GTX 560 Ti's and 6950's were recommended 500W PSU?
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    I think Gigabyte/msi GTX 560 Ti can install on it.
  4. So I shouldn't worry about the cable at the edge of the mobo getting in the way?
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