Nvidia driver error messages

While playing BF3, the game keeps crashing and displaying this message:

Also, I tried running 3dmark 11 and cinebench and both fail to complete a benchmark. Cinebench starts running and it looks fine but then I get an error message saying something like it timed out. 3dmark just doesn't run.

I installed the latest driver from Nvidia (specifically the one meant for BF3) and the system is brand new. Specs in the sig.

What's the problem and how do I fix it?
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  1. Mention your complete system specification along with brand names.
  2. Same problem, GTS 250 1gb
  3. Could you try going back to an older driver? Like 275.xx. There have been numerous reports of issues with 285.xx on older cards.
  4. Well as I said it's a brand new system so the most up to date driver is the only one I have ever put on there. Perhaps I am missing a piece? Don't know what that would be though...
  5. Ooops... I was referring to the GTS250. Anyways you can also try moving driver back and see if it solves the problems.
  6. Generally a fault graphics card, have you got another pcie card laying around or steal one from a mate to see if it persists.
  7. go into the device manager and uninstall the card. reboot. let windows find card. after that you can run game to see how it goes,,,,,, and/or after that you can install the newest driver......... or you can go to Windows Update and see what they have.
  8. happening to lots of folk when the card is clocked too high and/or temps get too high I believe, can you run a test and report max temps up until point of crash?

  9. It's weird I've had the same problems with my rig since the new drivers. I have dual 580s WC (so I know temp isn't the issue in my case at least) but I still get crashes on BF3 with the same error message popping up after. My cards did come factory OC, so I'll try removing that and see if it helps.

    But I don't think his issue is necessarily because of a faulty card or overheating, what temps do you hit on load?
  10. My temps are fine. I can play BF3 for hours and the highest temp I've seen is maybe low to mid 50's (degrees Celsius). The card IS factory overclocked but I can't imagine that is the issue. It has to be some software/driver issue.

    Everything in the system is new and high quality and the system playing BFBC2 can hit the 200 fps cap. On stock settings, I get BF3 over 100 easy with an average of 80-90 fps (my monitor is old school so highest rez is 1440).

    I have windows xp on my HDD and windows 7 on my ssd. Perhaps somewhere along the line in the software installation, there was a software mix up and that's causing the issues?

    Either way, I'm going to delete both hard drives, reformat and install only win 7 and then get fresh drivers from the website. Hope that will solve my issues.

    P.S. I can play multiplayer pretty well, but campaign has gotten really buggy at specific spots and crashes pretty much as soon as I go to a specific place (operation guillotine). And I was having issues on a couple other mission spots as well. The driver problem also appears when I run benchmarks (i.e. 3dmark11 and cinebench).
  11. are these all 1gb cards? (mine are) ill be doing some testing later using 1080p ultra but reduced and nil AA as suggested in other thread seems to be a "more than 1gb of vram needed to play bf3 @ ultra" theme building

  12. My card is 1.2 gb of gddr5 (gtx 570). I just ran a benchmark and for the first time it didn't crash so I'm thinking I had a driver issue. I'll get back if I have it fixed.
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