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Hi all, my current rig has an AMD Phenom x4 965BE @3.4ghz, 4 gigs DDR3, GTX 460, 1TB HD, MS 7576 mobo, OCZ 650w 80+ certified psu.

Based on my current rig I want to see what I can upgrade to that'll give me a noticeable performance in gaming. Right now I don't have much trouble running anything but It's been awhile so I figured there are better parts out there for the price by now. Thanks.
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  1. Double the RAM and get a better graphics card. Call it a day...
  2. Agreed, Getting a better graphics card will see your numbers jump. 4 Gigs of ram is okay though. The main problem I see with your setup, is your CPU. But then again, changing your CPU + MOBO might be out of the question at this point.

    So the easy route would be to get something like 2 6870s, or two 560 Tis. The TIs would give you better performance, but would also cost a bit more. With any money left, get a PSU that has enough cables for crossfire/sli Support. Also, if you're going SLI/Crossfire, check to see if your MOBO has enough PCIe slots.
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