Need advice on monitor selection

so here my setup

Intel Core I7 2600k
120 GB SSD
750 watt power supply
and two XFX HD 6950 2GB in crossfire

i am looking to do a monitor upgrade i have a Acer V223W 22" 1680x1050 monitor any suggestions
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  1. How big of screen? Resolution preference? Dual monitors? If you answer these I could help you! Btw I just got an ASUS VS247H and I'm very happy with it so far :)
  2. Since you are using two XFX Radeon 6950 2gb in Xfire and if you are not planning to use
    dual montior system and just want a long lasting, affordable, good looking, hi performance
    monitor that would make your full hd resolution gaming @ very hi settings and computing
    experience much better, i highly recommend the Samsung Sync Master BX2350 23 inch full
    HD led back light monitor. This is the monitor im currently using, so far and based from the
    reviews it got, its performing really great and gives me a good refresh rate and a very fast
    response @ 2ms gtg! And It only consumes 26 watts of power :-)

    As of now it only cost around $199 U.S. @ NewEgg

    Reviews and images here:

    - Hope this helps. :-)
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