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i have just brought a 'Sapphire HD 7970 VAPOR-X GHZ 3072MB GDDR5' and need a new motherboard, i don't want to spend £800 on a processor but want to be as future proof as possible and don't mind too much on what i spend on a mobo, i was looking at the 2011 skt as i believe this is the best socket for future correct me if i am wrong, and getting the chepest i7 (£250)to go in until the price drops on the ridiculously expensive ones. but which mobo to go for. there is so much choice and i don't know what i am looking for, i would like to be able to x-fire later down the line and have a big case so size isn't a problem. what features am i looking for. i want to game at 2560x 1440 if this make a difference please advise??
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  1. The prices of Intel products do not go down significantly over time. There is a small dip after the newer chips come out then they rise again as they become scarce and people are trying to do part-for-part replacements. Had it happen to me trying to upgrade from a 2.66 to a 3.33 - was as expensive as a brand new chip.

    All that to say, get the best you can for now.

    A Z77 mobo with a i5-3570K is all you need for a while but if you want to get 2011 and have nearly the best for a longer while go with a and the 6-core 3930K.

    Read through this to see that a $150 Z77 mobo performs similarly to a $350 mobo:

    If you go low, the Extreme4 is support your SLI/Crossfire experiments down the road.
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