Gainward Good Reputation?

Hi I have been looking around at some GTX 580's on (I'm from Australia)
I noticed that the Gainward GTX 580 Dual Fan is significantly cheaper than any other 580's, even non-overclocked cards. For example the EVGA Geforce GTX 580 is set $70 higher.

Is this card (the Gainward one) going to be a good reliable card or is there some reason why it is priced so low???

Thanks in advance
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  1. The brand Gainward is good.
  2. What about this card specifically, I googled it and there was next to no information? Does anyone have it or know something about how good it is?
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  4. Gainward good. Expecially for Quadro cards. Asus, EVGA best.
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  6. Gainward is doing promotion with Razer Battlefield 3 mouse.
    If you buy Gainward cards, you may win one!!
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