How to configure one printer to the 20pc network

i want to share my printer in the 20 pc network
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  1. Need some more details but in theory if your printer is network enabled you just need to give it a name and enable sharing (Put it in the directory if you have the option). Control Panel - Printers R-click your printer and select the sharing tab.
  2. You need to list your network setup, do you use a domain setup or a workgroup? What network equipment do you have for ethernet connections, is the printer a network ready printer, do you have a server, how many people will use the printer at one time, do you have security rights already known?

    You left out a ton of details that are needed before you can begin to share a printer.
  3. mustafa-network said:
    i want to share my printer in the 20 pc network

    First thing is that the printer is attached with your computer or else,
    If with others computer than click start menu,then printer and faxes ,then add a printer, and flow the process.
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