Is my computer really that bad?

I have asked on some forums help on random things, and sometimes they are ask for system specs, which I give. Some people then proceed to laugh or mock at me, saying computer is trash.

My computer originally came pre-built like this:
AMD Phenom x6 1090T
Giga Motherboard
Radeon 5750
8gb DDR3 Ram
650W PSU
$1000 (I know I got jipped, don't mention that.)

Then I upgraded here and there:
I added a 560ti, a case fan, and a 750W PSU.

People say it a *** setup, should got a intel blah, x4 amd blah, amd gpu, etc.
I can run all games on max settings, render videos pretty fast, and run multiple programs without slowdown.

So what I am asking, why is this so bad?
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  1. As long as it does what you want it or need it to do, why does it matter?

    The processor is almost on par with an i5-2500 at stock speeds (Passmark score),
    so I wouldn't say the processor is trash by any means.
  2. Not trash, don't know people here that mock but, if could have been better for the money. Although you already know that. AMD processors are just slower than intel's but don't make that much of a difference. i5 will beat almost any AMD though.
  3. Maybe they are not so much making fun of the actual computer as much as the price you paid since people can build the same computer for less but you didn't build the computer you bought it all put together and people don't realize that not everyone builds thier own computer , so if you buy one all put together naturally you are going to pay more. There is nothing wrong with that computer it is a lot better than some of the builds I have seen here that people are expexting to play the best games at the highest settings.
  4. Its not. It WAS when that 6750 was in there since that was your bottleneck, but with a GTX 560ti, your good to go now.

    But as SingingThroughTheS says, the bottom line is does it do what you want it to do? If yes, heck with everyone else.

    Also what a lot of computer builders forget is when buying prebuilds that aren't name brand, you have to account for labor charges. Your not just buying parts, your buying their labor of putting it together. Computer building is still considered a skill that not everyone has, so a lot of people are more than happy to pay a little extra for someone else to do it for them. If you include labor costs, you didn't really get ripped off. The builder needs to feed self or families too :-).
  5. Its good money depending on how long ago it was bought. Figure 10% labor cost and its a $900 ish computer. When those processors first came out they were selling for more than the i5 are today. You upgraded it so that is is strong now and that's all that matters.
  6. For gaming, it will still perform fine.
  7. I think that they see your video card and then instantly flip out that you even have a 560ti instead of a 580 and then they realize you have a hexa-core processor which cause the jelliness to overcome them, thus rendering them immaculately astonished at your "horrid system"

    Edit: Indeed you got jipped, hard... also that setup will do absolutely fine for gaming.
  8. I'd agree with fxdoggy. That is a pretty nice system, and haters are, after all, gonna hate.
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