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Hello, so my PC has been working fine with no issues for quite some time. Its a Intel core 2 duo with an Asus mb. Ive been running dual GeForce 9800Gt's. I work in a local computer shop and had a customer just leave his graphics card with us, saying he no longer wanted it.(card is a GTX560) So I figured sweet get a solid upgrade. Shut my machine down brought it to the office plugged in the card and now all that happens is I get 1 long beep Followed by 3 short beeps and it gives no video out. So first thing I did was plug the original Radeon cards back into the machine and now they dont even give video anymore. Ive already tried pulling all the memory, tried a new PS, re seaded the cpu, tried both PCI-e slots with the GTX and still nothing. And being that I work at a shop I have a surplus of monitors to try and got nothing from any of them. Anyone got any ideas and or suggestions?

Leaning towards my motherboard just went out on me but Im having a hard time coming to terms with it.

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  1. Hi, Try starting the board outside the case with only CPU and CPU fan installed. Connect a different power supply.
    Do you get 1 long 2 short? If yes, then install one RAM stick and start - 1 long 3 short.
    Insert the 9800 GT - one beep.
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