Cheap/good mobo for i7 3770K?

I'm building a budget(ish) gaming rig for my son (Starcraft 2, DOTA 2, Civ 5, Far Cry 3), with possible future use with video editing or 3d.

I could have gotten the i5 3570K for $189 at MicroCenter but that sale ended and it's now $249. But the i7 3770K is on sale for $229 right now. So I can either wait for the 3570K to go on sale again and save money, or I can just get the 3770K now. But I'm not up on which mobos are good for the 3770K.

I decided on a video card but cannot remember which one right now :( All I know is that it was a 1gb Geforce of some kind; I think one of the 660s. It doesn't need to be too spectacular since we are keeping our old Dell 21" LCD monitor that's a few years old (for now). Just some modest FPS at medium resolution would be fine, I suppose. Compared to our 10-yr old Dell, anything is an improvement.

Anyhow... I'd like to hear your ideas for a decent mobo. Doesn't need to be fancy. Maybe some minimal support for USB 3.0 and HDMI. The Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H LGA 1155 Z77 is $84 after rebate right now. Would it be fine? Or would it be worth it instead to get a mobo with integrated graphics and forego the video card? Since I'm now probably going to spend an extra $40 on the CPU, I'm trying to find ways to safely cut corners on other parts and keep it all under $700. We're probably going to get a relatively plain ATX case, 1Tb HDD, a small SSD, and a DVD/CD R/RW...

BTW, please try not to be too technical in your replies; I'm a 47-year old female :) I used to be up on all the latest processors & parts -- back in the 1990s, but nowadays I'm way too busy and I struggle to understand all things computer related!

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  1. I'm not sure if I should have specified, but I don't intend to OC the CPU, at least not now. That whole thing scares me. Therefore no heat sinks, extra fans, etc. as long as the case has some fans. And probably a 500w power supply.
  2. Did I post this incorrectly? If so, please tell me; I'm not a mind reader. I am buying the mobo in about 4 hours from now and really don't want to spend too much if I can help it. Do I need to add more info?

    Thank you
  3. If you are going with that level of CPU, you should go, at the very least, midrange. I would recommend the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 or Extreme 6.
  4. I would recommend the Asus P8Z77 V, or V LK to save a little bit more money. I got burned on the initial go around on my rig by Gigabyte (long story), and I know Gigabyte more often than not does just fine, but Asus is just the best. Their applications are superior, their manufacturing is superior, and Newegg has a dedicated team of Asus techs on hand in their department if there are ever problems. I currently have the V LK, the V has a little bit more functionality, but both have the Z77 chipset, which is the best option for new ivy bridge intel cpu's.
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