Do i need to reset everything if im replacing my motherboard?

motherboard bios messed up and im getting a replacement. I have my OS that hasn't been validated yet on a SSD, and it's a OEM so im worried about if i need to buy another OEM Windows 7 or if I'm going to have to erase all my SSD data to put the OS and drivers again.

and do i have to re-put thermal compound on the CPU? My liquid cooling system came pre-applied with it.
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  1. Yes you do have to reapply the thermal compound.if its the same model motherboard you should have no problems re-activating windows,if you would have such a problem,im sure you could contact MS about activating windows and tell them the motherboard died and you replaced it with the same model,if you already have it installed on the ssd,you shouldnt have to wipe it...just assemble and go.....
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