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I Have An Ati Radeon HD 4870 X2 And Im Having Issues With It I Have Only 1 6Pin Connector On My Psu CIC 700W So I Got An Molex To 6 Pin And A 6 To 8 Pin Adapter 3 Red Lights Come On During Boot Then Disapeir Quickly I Tryed Connecting To My Moniter "No Input Signal!" So I Swiched Cable o My Inernal Graphics And That Worked So I Assumed It Was Lack Of Power So I Go My 570W Trust Psu And Attached Its 6 Pin To My 6 To 8 Pin Adapter Of Course I Have An Old MotherBoard To Switch The Psu On Same 3 Red Led's en hey Dissapeird No Signal O Gfx Card Still So I Thought Mabe A BIOS Update Needed So I Updaed My BIOS And Still Noting At All My MoherBoard Is ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS

Thanks For The Help Guys
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  1. The led lights coming on and going off is the normal "everything checks okay" signal for the card self test sequence. Did you change the setting in the BIOS from onboard to PCI for your graphic adapter?
  2. I Like hat Default And I Think My PCI-E Slot Is Broke As I Took It To My Good Friends And It Worked Fine Also He Gave Me A Card That Works He Pulled From His Mobo And Thats Not Showing Up Ether Well To Settle This Ima Get A New Mobo To Test Wih Me Luck
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