Will M68MT-S2P support nvidia gt440

i have an AMD sempron 145 processor and nvidia 7025
motherboard is M68MT-S2P
will this motherboard support nvidia gt440 graphic card
please help me
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  1. Any motherboard will support any graphic card provided they match the same slot type and mother board is of good brand. sometimes problem arises due to weaker power controller of ur motherboard. Gigabyte Asus etc companies generally have solid power setup in their boards. Only hitch is that if u have a high end card and weaker processor , then the card will strangle the cpu and ur board. In ur case u dont have tho worry. Only check whether ur smps is of good quality.
  2. Will need an aux. power connection from your PSU, but should be ok for your CPU.
  3. so can i run gt 440b on my pc
  4. Yup go ahead. m bit curious. why r u trying to buy a out dated graphic card when new ones r available. 500 series is available and within few months 600 series will also be out. money wise or performance wise it makes no sense. Moreover this geforce 400 series is not good.
  5. k leave gt440
    iam thinking 2 buy gigabyte gt430 2gb
    will this runs smooth on my sempron 145
  6. u still without a new card :o go ahead :D
  7. hey
    i got my new gigabyte gt430 2gb
    it works properly in my pc
    iam playing gta4,saints row 3,ac relevations nfs the run very smoothly
    thanks for ur help
  8. Just to say the GT 430 2Gb is slower than the GT 440.
  9. If u r happy, then it is great. :)
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