1156 build, audio latency/codec issue? W7 64bit

Happy easter!

Longtime lurker since the Socket-A days :hello:

Having bizarre audio problems on my latest build especially playing mp3`s in mediaplayer and some video streams have screeching popping garbled audio.

Tried Changning:

4Gb Kingston to 8Gb Corsair vengeance

Audio cards: tried the Ati integrated on both a HD5850, and a HD 4670, tried the mobo sound card, and X-Fi Audigy SE and Xtreme Gamer.

Switching Mainboards from my Asus P7P55D Pro to a Gigabyte 1156 usb3, but no go...

Switched all parts basicly except my Cpu(5 750) and Psu(Chieftec Nitro 950W Silver)

Playing Mp3 in media player is torture, but switching to VLC makes them work, so seems like a codec/latency problem.

Some games work ok, but Kingdoms of Amalur sounds like a Basketball game with all the skidding sounds......

Any ideas?
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  1. The only thing I can think of is that sometimes it helps to not have the volume turned all the way up on the computer as it can cause clipping issues when using enhancements (like the x-fi crystalizer)
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