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I purchased an ABit IC7-G motherboard used. When I try to access the BIOS to configure, it asks for a password. What can I do to clear it so I can access the BIOS
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  1. you have to clear the BIOS using jumper. you'd find instructions for doing that on your board by simply googling it. usually, a jumper is a three pin switch. It has a connectore connecting two of those pins (1 and 2) jush pull it out and set it to 2 and 3.

    Then when you reboot, BIOS will get into configuration screen which will have the option of clearing password (navigate a bit). Clear the password and shut down your system.

    reset the jumper (to 1 and 2) and boot away.
  2. jumper would probably be one of the two yellow/orange push-pull type things:

    hopefully you might have your manual lying around to verify
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