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Hy everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum. I want to build a pc for gaming an am looking for a little advice. This is the system I am planning on building

Case: RAIDMAX Cyclone Black/Red
Motherboard: MSI 970A-G45
PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W
PCU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T BOX
RAM: 2 x Kit Dual Channel Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB), DDR3, 1600MHz
GPU: PowerColor Radeon HD 6970 2048MB DDR5 Dual Fan
CPU cooler: Thermaltake Contac 21
Monitor: LED Philips 226CL2SB/00
Mouse: Gigabyte GM-M6880
Keyboard: A4Tech G800MU
Optical drive: Samsung DVD-RW SH-222AB/BEBE SATA Black Bulk
I will be using the same harddrive i have nw on my outdated pc. It is a 7200 rpm 500g samsung.

My budget is 1000 euro and as far as I've researched, this seems to be the best system I can buy with this money. If anyone could tell me something I could change to make it better without going over budget, I would apreciate that.
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  1. Don't spend so much money on a system with an AMD CPU in it. Switch out the CPU and motherboard with Intel models.

    Intel is much faster than AMD right now and that probably won't change anytime soon, if ever.

    You should get an Intel Sandy bridge quad core CPU. Best option for non-overclocking is the i5-2400 with an H67 chipset motherboard. Only options for overclocking are the i5-2500K, i7-2600K, and i7-2700K with a P67 or Z68 chipset motherboard.

    The only significant difference between the i5s and i7s is that the i7s have Hyper-Threading which improves multi-threaded performance but since games don't use that many threads the i5s an i7s perform almost identically even though the i7s are much more expensive.
  2. There are a few reasons I went with AMD over Intel. I know Intels are faster, but AMD seems to have a much better performance/price ratio. Also AMD recomends that you use their CPUs with their motherboards and grphics cards for better overall performance, and since I was getting an AMD GFX, I thought an AMD CPU was the best choise. Another thing is that Intel motherboards are more expensive than AMD motherboards without really having extra features or performance. AMD also allows for better upgradeability while intel seems to change sockets for every new generation of CPUs. So if i am wrong about all this or some of it, or if anyone can explain to me why it is still a better ideea to go with Intel instead of AMD, I would be glad to. I am not a fan boy or anything, I just want to get the best I can for my money.
  3. Your wrong on a few points. Amd is no longer a "upgrade" option, they have already came out and said they are not trying to stay with intel when it comes to the highend desktop solution. Intel motherboards also have more performance then amd. If you read the system builds for this month you will see that a 600 intel comp whooped up on a 1200 amd system.
  4. Well if I were to get an i5 2400 instead of the AMD, I would get the MSI H67MA-ED55 (B3) mobo, that would put me about 30 euro over budget. I could just 8 gigs of ram instead of 16 to compensate. So the system would look like this. I am from romania so I don't know how much use the links will be to you guys.

    Case: RAIDMAX Cyclone Black/Red

    PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W

    Motherboard: MSI H67MA-ED55 (B3)

    CPU: Intel Core i5 2400 Sandy Bridge BOX

    GFX: PowerColor Radeon HD 6970 2048MB DDR5 Dual Fan

    RAM: Kit Dual Channel Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB), DDR3, 1600MHz

    CPU cooler: Thermaltake Contac 21

    I won't mention the optical drive and peripherals again. I don't know if this motherboard supports CrossfireX. Also, can anyone tell me if the GFX will fit insite the Cyclone case?
  5. H67, probably can't do crossfire or SLI. There is no reason to buy an aftermarket CPU cooler with the i5-2400 because it can't be overclocked and the stock cooler is adequate. H67 motherboards can't overclock anyway so even if you had a K edition (only K editions are overclock-able for Sand bridge).

    Also, to be fair that $600 Intel to $1200 AMD was a bad comparison. The AMD build was built like crap and doesn't fairly represent $1200 AMD builds although $1200 is wasted with an AMD CPU anyway. Point is it was beaten because it had several flaws that should have been corrected but weren't.

    AMD has given up trying to compete with Intel (as said in an above post) and thus fails completely in modern gaming machines in CPU horsepower.

    I don't know the exchange rates between RON and USD so I really can't critique your parts properly.
  6. I don't plan on overclocking i might want to in the future. Also I have read reviews and people say the stock cooler is very loud. I would like to add another 6970 in the future so I would like a motherboard that can support crossfire. I know i've already asked this allready but does anyone know if the Cyclone case can fit my graphics card?
  7. Sorry for double posting. 1$=roughly about 4 ron
  8. We must be thinking different $. I'm in the United States and meant USD. There is no way 4 ron equals 1 United States Dollar.
  9. That i5-2400 is at 791,32 RON on the page you linked me and it is $179.99 in USD, there is a big difference between USD $ and ron.

    EDIT: Darn now I double posted.
  10. You're right. I just checked it and it's more like 3.3
  11. Okay... Does the , replace the . for ron? Usually fractions of a dollar are represented by a period where that coma is. That would explain my confusing here because the coma is reserved for values over $999 like this: $1,119.99
  12. Get a 7950 instead. Should be out in a few weeks (I hope).
  13. ^ How do you think he'll be able to afford it? It is pretty much gonna be a lot more expensive than the 6970, unless I'm missing something here.
  14. ^ How do you think he'll be able to afford it? It is pretty much gonna be a lot more expensive than the 6970, unless I'm missing something here.
  15. A 6970 is about $350, I couldn't see a 7950 being much more than $400. Not sure how tat translates into Euroes, but if he were to cut back on a few different things, I'm sure he could afford one when we figure out the price.

    I dan well hope it's not anything more than $400 anyway.
  16. The 7970 is almost twice as fast as the 6970 so I don't see anything wrong with the 7950 being more expensive than the 6950 if it is similarly faster than it. I'd say $375-475 USD should be a decent price point for it.

    If there is about 3.3 ron in a USD then between 1240 ron and 1570 ron should be similar not accounting for any taxes going between USD and ron using (a) countrie(s) like the ~25% tax on stuff going into the UK.
  17. The only problem being, they arent releasing the 7950 until feb. The 7970 is the only release next month. The 7970 is $600, so if the 7950 is competitive to the same jump in performance as the 7970 I would see $450 being the average price. So is the Op going to want to wait for possible 2 months? (if the release isnt until the end of feb.)
  18. I've got some info that perhaps not many people have seen (and I honestly can't confirm if it's true or not), and it looks as though the 3Gb 7950 will be released Jan. 12th, at $450, and the 1.5 Gb 7950 will be released in March, priced at $400.
  19. Those dates sound about right. We probably won't see anything but the best of the 7900 series until February and March.
  20. I'd like to get back on topic. At the moment I still think the amd system is the better choice because i would like to get a second graphics card in the future. Also the AM3+ socket will probably support future processors with just some bios updates. The motherboard with the AMD chipset also allows overclocking, and i might want to do that in the future, it would cost me about 30$ less and I could put that money into some more RAM or a better graphics card. I will be using the system mostly for gaming, watching movies etc. and I think the the six core AMD can handle that just fine.
  21. NONONO you want AMD gaming you get a Phenom quad core. It will reach higher frequencies than the six core and since games don't use larger numbers of threads/cores it will run games better than the six core CPUs will

    Pretty much everything that uses six threads or more would be professional software so it would be a waste to get a six core, you would pay more for less performance in what you do.

    Either way if you want to overclock it would still be better to go with Intel. Your best bet would be to get a $100-120 Z68 motherboard and the i5-2500K, about $200-209 online retail with a sub $35 CPU cooler, a good cooler for that price would be the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.

    You need to realize that if you buy AMD you choose between the three or four year old Phenom II processors or the even worse FX processors right now. If you want something that is already outdated and between 40-60% slower than Intel's stuff then go ahead, it's your choice. But remember this: The money saved by going with an AMD CPU is negated by the extra money you must spend on the cooler to get decent performance out of those processors.

    Even once you get that better cooler you still won't get performance close to Intel's.
  22. Ok. I didn't know they were that much slower than intels. I must have been getting wrong info cause the benchmarks i've seen show that the 1055t is only about 15% slower that the i5 2400, but the 1055t can be overclocked to 4 gigs. But nevermind that. I'll just go with intel to be safe. Can anyone recomend a motherboard that supports crossfire with the 1155 CPU socket that doesn't cost more than 130$?
  23. Thanks! Just to let everybody know, i will be going with the intel i5 2400, the motherboard mentioned above, I think i will be getting a Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 1024MB DDR5 OC instead of the powercolor 6970 cause the latter is out of stock and the other ones are just too expensive, and dual 6950 are just slightly slower than dual 6970 but a lot cheaper. Also i will only get 8 gigs of ram instead of 16 and i won't be getting the after market cooler. Other than that the system remains just as i mentioned above. Anything else you guys think I should change?
  24. 2500K. Just do it. Don't even think about it.
  25. I would, but I can't find it in Romania without getting ripped off. I still have a couple of questions about the graphics card. Will it fit in my case and is the ocz 759w PSU enough to handle dual 6950?
  26. Yeah, 750 is def enough, and it should fit fine in your case, although you may need some confirmation from someone else on that.
  27. Well, thanks for everything guys. You have been very helpful.
  28. Just found a reasonably priced 2500k and I think I will get that one. Managed to do it by finding a cheaper PSU that also seems to be better. I won't be able to afford an aftermarket cooler right now though, but as soon as i have the money I will be getting one, hopefully a watercooling solution and I will be overclocking the CPU to about 4 gigs.

    CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K Sandy Bridge BOX

    PSU: OCZ ZS Series 750W

    I would like to get some feedback on the system overall.
  29. It's awesome. A lot better than mine. I wish I had built something like this when I built mine
  30. watercooling for less than 5GHz on the i5-2500K? shameful, a cheap ($35through $20) air cooler can easily hit 4.4GHz or thereabouts, better air coolers can reach for almost 5GHz.

    You only need a good water cooler for going to and beyond 5GHz in which case you need a very good (aka expensive) motherboard.
  31. I am i tottal noob when it comes to overclocking. Never tried it because I don't know anyone who knows how it's done, and I don't want to fry my system. When I will try it though, I don't want to go overboard. From what I read going to about 4.5 is safe and won't affect the lifespan of the cpu, and is more than I need anyway.
  32. There are many resources and guides that can help you if you do a Google search for "overclocking the i5-200K".

    With them you can make sure you don't damage anything although the risks from overclocking usually aren't frying anything unless you had a low quality component.

    The worst that would happen in 99% of the time is you need to reset your BIOS.
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