So its me again. im in the process of getting a new motherboard as my other 1 has no warranty and newegg doesn't wanna RMA it.


CPU - AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz 125w version
Mobo - Biostar TA870U3+
PSU - Earthwatt 430 80 plus bronze
Graphics - Nvidia GT 430 1GB
Memory - 4GB DDR3 1333mhz

Question today is. I noticed this and the guy who looked at my pc noticed this. When we takeoff the heatsink and pull out the cpu it seems to have like a black oily substance right underneath the heatplate on the cpu. like i think its thermal paste cause the thermal paste i did the first time spilled over a bit. is this something to worry about? its like a DARK black oily substance but it doesnt run. im thinking its thermal paste. just really unsure. i used Artic Silver 5. It didnt have the oil substance when i used the heatsinks thermal paste. but it did after it leaked over with arctic silver. does these possibly mean my processor might be dead? the old motherboard i used has a high defect rate i was just wondering. The ASRock m3a770de. i have never been able to post with this motherboard nor cpu. all these parts are Brand new out the box. do you guys think it wont post because of the CPU or Motherboard? i havent tried a new Power Supply but im doubting its the PSU cause everything else powers up fine. im really skeptic and scared about this oily substance. like i said its as dry as the thermal paste. but the thermal paste on top is grey. not black.
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  1. There is such a thing as thermal pastes that are black, but if I were you I would try to remove it if you are worried about it.

    You should be able to get rid of it if you are careful about it.

    You can use Q-tips dipped in acetone to remove it most likely. If you don't have any you should be able to get it at Wal-Mart, probably in the paint section.

    Rubbing alcohol should work too instead if you don't have the acetone and don't want to get any.

    Instead of a Qtip you can also use a lint free cloth if you have one.

    In any event, the idea is to apply a solvent to it and make sure nothing is left, not the black stuff, not the solvent, not the Qtip cotton, nothing.

    You will want to let it dry for a while after you do this stuff too. It wouldn't hurt to put it nearby to a lot of rice, like upside down on top of a bowl of plain rice or something. Rice sucks moisture out of the air onto itself.

    Anyway, try that and hopefully it will be good as new.

    BTW, kinda gives a new meaning to Phenom 2 x4 Black Edition, doesn't it?
  2. ye its like a oil color. the arctic silver i applied was a bit dark. but i dunno if its defective i guess ill wait til i get the new Mobo cause the current 1 didnt work with 2 seperate cpus. im hoping the cpu is completely ok. i used arctic silver i dunno if it turns black but ye. i use isopropyl alcohol 70% with qtips. tommorow imma clean it with same stuff but use the coffee type things lol. but if it doesnt work in the new mobo do u possibly think its a RMA Acceptable product lol. 36 mo warranty and i dunno if the processor came with it or i did something lol. and nice pun for black edition xD
  3. Did you do anything to the CPU that would void your warranty? OCing it, even a little bit, may void your warranty. Throwing it in a lake may also void your warranty.

    Anyway, I generally try to avoid RMAing things except as a last resort because it costs the maker money and they just tack that cost onto all the motherboards they are selling.

    If it gets to that point, though, and you didn't do anything to void your warranty I don't see any good reason you can't RMA it.
  4. Well I didnt do anything. Also ive never used the cpu its fresh from box but my mobo was declared dead and i dunno if the black oil might mean the cpu is dead to and if the motherboard killed the cpu is it still warranty?
  5. Unless you did something to the motherboard to mess it up, then the processor should still be under warranty.
  6. nope the motherboard doesnt seem to power the cpu or it doesnt wanna post for some reason. i was worried cause it does say in the warranty that it doesnt cover consequential damage? im confused on the subject cause i bought this setup based on the $500 system builder marathon. and the board i got has no warranty since its bad reviews. the ASRock m3a770de is almost 1 of the most defective boards ive ever seen. im thinking its just the board. hoping. i just ordered a Biostar ta870u3+. in total this build cost me around $450 including the board i just bought. i used some savage parts. but when the board comes ill update the thread.
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