Need good full tower case

Hey all,

I was looking to make a computer and was wanting a good full tower case for gaming, I saw the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced and thought it to be pretty good, does anyone else have other suggestions?
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  1. Ive got an Full Size ATX Case, Looks ugly but its reliable and has brilliant airflow.
  2. It's a SilverStone Case.
  3. Tj series maybe? post pic :P
    I'd like to suggest the Dragon rider from In Win, black or white if you wanted white, check the members gallery in hombuild and overclocking for some good looking builds, maybe see a case you like the look of
  4. coolermaster storm trooper is a great case

    just changed to it from a haf x and its even better
  5. Thanks all for the suggestions, they are much appreciated.
  6. what's your max budget?and use?
    antec DF-85,silverstone raven rv03 are some good cases are money.dragon rider white for $140 is a great case.
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