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I have a HP DC7800 SFF (GC760AV), i recently changed the CPU and it now says "microcode update error" dureing post, i done some research and found i need to update the BIOs for the cpu to be compatible.
My question is, how do i go about updateing the BIOs when there is no operating system, i know is possible as i have done it before and there is even an option in the BIOs to flash from a usb key or CD, yet i cant find anything on the internet that lets you flash the BIOs directly from the BIOs, the last thing i want to do it install an OS, just to update the BIOs.

Any help and links are apreciated, Thanks in advance.
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  1. Did you clear the CMOS before you put the new processor in?
    If not, do that and then give it a try.
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