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I'm looking at building a Cad workstation to run solidworks, and in particular render the products i design.

They designs i produce will mainly be Solidworks assemblies with low-medium number of parts.

Any suggestions for a mid range motherboard, memory, processor (potentially graphics card - though i already have a good one) would be much appreciated. I have a large tower, powerful psu, suitable hard drive (sata) etc

what operating system would you recommend

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  1. What kind of budget did you have in mind?
    How valuable is your time and how much time do you spend waiting right now?

    From what I see about Solidworks you do not need server grade hardware. Probably a very strong quad core would be fine, because the program is not so well multithreaded that it will make use of many cores.

    Is your good GPU a professional grade one?

    Unless you have a very high budget, the sweet spot will be an i7 2600K on a P67 or Z68 board. The RAM though could be trickier. If saving a few days of time over the course of a year is legitimate, laying out a bit more for high performance RAM may make sense.
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