Could i find better for my money ?

hey guys.

after reading around the forums ive set my heart on a i5-2500k.

with that in mind i picked out the asrock z68 extreme4 gen3 mobo;

i have a few questions, i plan on using my pc for gaming and major multitasking.

ive herd the 2500k is stable to overclock and the mobo features intels boost tec.

to oc my rig would i need a unlocked core?

or would;
do the trick.

what kind of memory would be best to buy if the previous was to be my build? around 8gb would be nice.

i have a 500w PSU and i dont plan on getting another, is 500 enough for the previous + 8gb memory + HDD + Graphics card ?

ive been reading about CLI/CF and this board has it, but i didnt quite understand it, could someone point me in the right direction and is it a must have now days?

also does CLI/CF link the cores GPU and the graphics card?

sorry for all the questions.

many thanks for reading

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  1. 1. i5 2500k is one of the easiest cpu's to overclock. It's also very fast at stock ( but ofc even faster when OC'd )
    2. 500w should be enough, but make sure it's high quality psu ( antec, corsair ), not some cheap junk.
    3. The sli/cf means having 2 video cards in one pc. It's not a must-have, but it is pretty useful for future upgrades ( btw. if you're gonna sli/cf you're probably going to need a better psu ). And you can combine amd's integrated graphics with an amd/ati gpu, but unless it's a llano, i don't think it would be necessary. I'm not sure about nvidia and intel though...
  2. @4eyed

    yeah my psu wasnt cheap its a tacens valeo III 500, cost me 86Euro a couple of months back when my old one blew.

    yeah i plan on buying one video card and later on running sli/cf when i have the money to upgrade.

    what about the mobo does that look ok?

    and memory im a bit confused on the speeds, is there a certain brand/type of ram thats good for oc'ing?
  3. Agree with 4eyed, i'm just gonna add some stuff:
    1. As 4eyed said, the Intel i5 2500k is EASY to overclock, HOWEVER, if you want to overclock, you want to buy an aftermarket heat sink and fan. The stock fan the comes with the CPU is horrible for overclocking.
    2. Get another PSU, cheap PSUs could potentially fry your whole computer, you can go with the Antec 500 green series
    3. SLI/CF, as 4eyed said, is using 2 gfx cards. They act as one gfx card to produce a better, more power gfx card. However, the motherboard needs to support SLI/CF and MUST have 2 PCIe x16 slots (it's recommended they run at x16 and x8 or x8 x8)
    4. The motherboard, I feel is overpriced, you can go with this (if ebuyer sells this):

    For memory, if you want to OC it, you want to have low voltage memory, with heat spreaders. I would go with brands such as:
    Corsair, G.Skill, Mushkin, or Patriot
  4. The ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 is a great motherboard for the i5-2500K.

    For memory, the popular specs are PC12800 DDR3 1600Mhz dual channel RAM at 1.5V.
  5. Core:
    Graphics Card: Any sugestions ? or is my cores GPU enough ?

    also what does virtu do? does it partner up with my video card to improve it or does it run alone (i.e i have to run two sceens, one in the video card and one on the mobo?)

    you have a i5 2500k what speed do you have yours at? and your motherboard and ram?
  6. I would recommend you go with one of these RAMs:
    The reason is because it has a low profile heat spreader, meaning that the aftermarket HSF won't interfer with the RAM.

    Also, what is your graphics card?

    Virtu, i believe, is when you're not doing graphics intensive tasks, it automatically switches to using the integrated graphics and when you start doing graphics intensive tasks, it automatically switches to the discrete gfx card.

    As for my intel i5, I'm running it at default clock because I haven't gotten around to buying an aftermarket heat sink and fan. Even at default clock, it's amazing. It's incredibly fast and boots my machine up in around 10-15 seconds (normal HDD).

    EDIT: Also, url tags go like this name of stuff [end url]
  7. my graphics card at the moment is crap, not worth mentioning im planning on getting all new parts.

    wow awsome, would you bother with a SSD if you could afford it ?
  8. If you gave me $1600, then I would get an SSD, however, if I got any more money right now, I would upgrade and buy another gfx card in CF config. I feel SSDs are overpriced for their performance. I've heard they can boot your computer in like 7-15 seconds...the few seconds really don't make a difference for me.

    As for your gfx card, if you have the money you can get these cards:
    Radeon 6670

    Radeon 6850

    £20 more:
    Radeon 6870

    GTX 560Ti
  9. ill hold back on a SSD then and put it towards a video card, would you go for a less expensive one, and then in 2-3 weeks time buy another one to CF or a more expensive high end card ? i probs wasnt looking to spend more then 120Pounds on a card, would like a card that left me open with the option to add another.
  10. in terms of a GPU, it depends on your budget. honestly, the best option would either be an AMD Radeon 6970 or an NVIDIA GTX 580, as they are both the fastest single-gpus on the market. honestly, i would recommend the 6970 as it draws significantly less power and costs significantly less (usually ~100$$) and performs just slightly under the GTX 580.

    if you can't afford one of those (would cost you around 350 for the 6970 or 500 for the cheapest GTX 580) the 560ti is a pretty powerful card as well. the 6870 and 6950 are also pretty powerful on AMD's side, and will both cost significantly less. my 6870 yields practically the same FPS in-game as a 6950. it plays deus ex HR at medium levels, civ 5 at the highest levels and managed 35 FPS on BF3 with all the settings set to high. also, averaging about 95 FPS in minecraft with render-distance set to far.

    basically, if you want your card to not only play games released up to now well but also games within the next year or so decently, you need to spend at least $200 or maybe a bit less. the 6970 and gtx 580 are your best choice. and if you have the money for a gtx 580, wait a few weeks and the 7970 will be about; it's only $50 more and in early testing with beta drivers (meaning at the least performance will stay the same) it completely blows the gtx 580 and radeon 6970 out of the water.
  11. thanks every one thats given me everything i need to know, will update when i get the parts and have them running, many thanks for all the advice

  12. If you wait until janurary, AMD is releasing it 7000 series GPUS, namely the 7970 and 7990, the 7970 is around $400 and is comparable, in performance to the 6990
  13. quick question, would waiting for intels ivy bridge drop the prices of the boards/processors enough to bother waiting for ? guessing also waiting for the 7000series would drop the prices of the 6000 sieres ?
  14. doubtful, they normally stay the same because they say the fabrication processes are more difficult for the older CPUs than the new ones. So the new ones are normally cheaper, or around the same price, yet have better performance
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